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Laughter yoga comes to Pine Rivers Art Gallery space with new exhibition

Holocaust survivor, philosopher and author Hannah Arendt wrote of her friendship with author Mary McCarthy: “It’s not that we think so much alike; it’s that we do so much thinking business for and with each other”.

That quote inspired Australian artist collective Barbara Cleveland to create the latest exhibition to be hosted by Pine Rivers Art Gallery Barbara Cleveland: Thinking Business in which the ensemble of performing artists explores intellectual and creative connection.

It has also inspired the Gallery to introduce laughter yoga community workshops during the exhibition. One-hour laughter yoga sessions – held within Pine Rivers Art Gallery at 10.30am on Saturday 26 March and Saturday 30 April – will be open to all ages and suitable for all abilities. Register here.

“When we laugh together, we connect,” says workshop facilitator, HeatherJoy Campbell, a Moreton Bay region resident and global ambassador of Laughter Yoga International.

“Laughing together is like social glue: we all laugh in the same language.

Research confirms it’s not just laughter itself but sharing laughter together that benefits relationships.  Shared laughter signals that we see the world in the same way and, in that moment, boosts our sense of connection.”

Laughter yoga harnesses laughter as an exercise for physical, mental, and social wellbeing, without jokes or humour. It combines gentle stretches, playful movement, and hearty belly laughter with mindful yogic breathwork.

Barbara Cleveland: Thinking Business exhibition is open to the public from 4 March to 30 April 2022.

The Happydemic’s HeatherJoy Campbell is Queensland’s leading trainer in laughter yoga, a professional presenter on positive mindset practices and the power of laughter for wellbeing.