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Laughter Yoga included in Workplace Mental Health Symposium

Workplace mental health is taking its toll on Australians.

It impacts on the individuals themselves, as well as their families and colleagues and it impacts on business productivity too

According to Safe Work Australia statistics, 92% of serious* work-related mental health condition claims can be attributed to mental stress!

Work pressure and work-related harassment or bullying are the two prime offenders, followed by exposure to workplace or occupational violence.

The Workplace Mental Health Symposium, a gathering of HR professionals, business leaders and mental health workers from across Australia, is in Brisbane in September.

Over two days, delegates will be equipped with tools to spot and address the issues fuelling poor workplace mental health, and better create a healthy, productive work environment. It’s a conversation starter I’m delighted to be a part of.

A woman with hand on heart. Heather Joy CampbellNo joke, I’ll be there presenting laughter yoga as an accessible, effective workplace stressbuster, proven to improve morale, reduce absenteeism (and presenteeism), improve teamwork and create a sense of connection.

Register now for the 2019 Workplace Mental Health Symposium, in Brisbane, 2-3 September 2019.

(c) 2019 Heather Joy Campbell

Heather Joy Campbell is a professional laughter wellbeing facilitator, based in Brisbane, Australia. She’s a global ambassador for Laughter Yoga International.  Heather Joy (so named by her parents) delivers laughter wellbeing sessions in workplaces and in aged care, and trains people to be effective laughter yoga leaders in their own workplaces or communities. She runs a weekly ‘laughter club’ in her neighbourhood as a giveback to the community.