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What clothes do I need to wear for laughter yoga?

Taking up a new exercise can be a costly venture, what with equipment and appropriate clothing—and let’s not forget membership fees. That’s not so with laughter yoga. 

Yet another wonderful benefit of laughter yoga as a wellbeing activity is that no special clothing required is needed.

  • You do not need to be kitted out in the latest active wear (no matter how ethically and sustainably it has been made).
  • You may choose to wear fun or brightly-coloured clothing but that’s not a requirement of laughter yoga. Just as we laugh without jokes or punchlines, harnessing our ‘laughter muscles’ to laugh as exercise, laughter yoga in its purest sense does not require props or special equipment.

If you are comfortably dressed and can move without restriction (and within your ability), you are set to laugh and play, stretch and breathe for wellbeing. 

By all means, if it comfortable and safe to do so, take off your shoes …

Now that wardrobe requirements for laughter yoga are sorted out, what is stopping you from being part of the fast growing happydemic of laughter wellbeing sweeping the world: laughter yoga!? Check out locations of laughter clubs (the free or low-cost community laughter yoga gatherings) in Queensland here or elsewhere in Australia at this link.


(c) Heather Joy Campbell 2018

The Happydemic’s founder Heather Joy Campbell is Queensland’s leading laughter wellbeing practitioner, a certified laughter yoga teacher and global ambassador who travels throughout her home state presenting seminars and workshops, facilitating workplace and community laughter yoga sessions and training people to run community-based laughter clubs.