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6 steps to better mental health, using laughter

Queensland Mental Health Week is coming up (5-13 October) and we’re being encouraged to take time for mental health.

That can seem easier said than done when you’re busy, stretched and pulled in all directions. Who has time? And it can be tough when your mental health is even a little  on the down side: why bother?

Seriously we owe it to ourselves to take time—to make time—for mental health.

Queensland Mental Health Week organisers say there are 6 steps to better mental health. Well, if you are time-poor and/or want instant results, laughter yoga is the 6-in-1 for you!

Let me explain using the  #qmhw steps.

Be Active. 

Laughter yoga is a light aerobic exercise, hence it is active. For those who are less able to move about freely, it can be done seated. Laughter yoga is like ‘internal jogging’.

Keep Learning.

We learn much through laughter yoga. Most importantly, I’ve learned not to take life, or myself, so seriously. We learn we are capable of laughing without jokes or comedy. We find we can laugh even when not in the mood.


Practitioners of laughter yoga are a giving lot. Laughter is infectious. That’s why I refer to it as a happydemic of wellbeing. It’s also worth knowing that those who facilitate laughter clubs do so as a giveback to their community. Laughter clubs are informal social gatherings in which laughter yoga plays out.


I like to describe one of laughter yoga’s benefits as ‘social glue’ because it readily binds and connects people.


It’s easy to take breathing for granted. After all, we breathe (usually) without thinking, as an automatic action. In laughter yoga, we notice our breath.

Care for our planet.

Laughter yoga is 100% natural. Nothing added. That’s one way it cares for our planet. It also promotes a sense of peace and harmony between participants. Surely that’s another way of caring for our planet; not destroying it with hate and war.

Laughter clubs will be participating in the Brisbane Mental Health Expo on Friday 11 October 2019. You’ll find us at stall 4.  Come and have a chat/laugh.  Find out about laughter clubs near you. Find out how to start a laughter club too!


(c) Heather Joy Campbell 2019


HeatherJoy Campbell is a certified laughter yoga teacher/trainer who also coordinates a weekly free laughter club in the Brisbane suburb of The Gap.