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About Laughter Yoga + our Laughter Workshops

You’ve heard the saying ‘laughter is the best medicine’. It’s true!

In 1995, Indian physician Dr Madan Kataria put two and two together – yogic breathing and laughter – and realised bountiful health benefits.

He developed a joyous exercise program and complementary health therapy, Laughter Yoga (also known as Hasya yoga). Today, these laughter workshops are being conducted in about 110 countries worldwide.

Our bodies, amazingly complex and clever creations that they are, can’t discern the difference between simulated or real laughter. The mechanics are the same—and so is the release of those happy feel-good hormones.

When you attend a laughter workshop, before you realise it, you are genuinely laughing because you feel so good!

The Happydemic’s founder Heather Joy Campbell explains in this ABC radio interview. Seriously, it’s the most fun way of pursuing wellbeing.

The Happydemic  is a social enterprise, a small business network with a big community heart. Heather Joy Campbell—and yes, that is her real given name, just check out her birth certificate! —trained with Laughter Yoga’s founder Dr Kataria in India. Read more about Heather Joy by clicking here.

Since 2016, HeatherJoy has facilitated community laughter workshops and workplace sessions all over Queensland and she’s trained others in the practice of this infectiously feel-good technique, which means The Happydemic has extended its service reach to the following Queensland local government areas:

Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Redland City, Logan City, Gold Coast City, Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Somerset, Scenic Rim, Lockyer Valley, and Toowoomba.

Ask now about The Happydemic’s services for your workplace or your community.