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Laughter Yoga Services

Laughter Wellbeing Sessions

The Happydemic is a social enterprise offering tailored online and in-person wellbeing sessions that deliver effective breathing, stretching and mindfulness exercises, using laughter, to help your people destress in minutes —and feel connected.

Our principal HeatherJoy Campbell is based in South East Queensland. Her in-person work extends throughout the state of Queensland and northern New South Wales. She’s engaged for online sessions and workshops bringing the world together.

The Happydemic works collaboratively with a network of trained laughter facilitators extending beyond HeatherJoy’s regional in-person reach for workplace and community sessions in Rockhampton and the Capricorn Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cooloola Coast and Cairns.

Laughter Yoga combines simulated laughter exercises, gentle stretching, deep yogic breathing and playfulness.

people doing laughter yoga online

What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter yoga is a highly accessible form of wellness exercise proven to have physical, psychological and social benefits. This laughter therapy is adaptable to all abilities and ages. Listen as The Happydemic’s principal HeatherJoy Campbell explains to Central Queensland radio.

Laughter yoga has nothing to do with stand-up comedy and it won’t have you tied up in knots.

Origins of Laughter Yoga

Read about Laughter Yoga’s origins .

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For further information, pricing and bookings please call The Happydemic’s HeatherJoy Campbell on 0412 742 593 or email