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Healthy minds


Group* laughter wellness sessions for inpatients in mental health facilities

Laughter Yoga complements the principles of mindfulness. You are in the moment when laughing. Try being angry and laughing simultaneously: it really can’t be done.

Tailored to participants’ needs, The Happydemic presents simulated laughter exercises that lift mood and release unpleasant thinking. They engage participants with one another playfully.

Participants gain tools with which to reframe ‘stinking thinking’.

Weekly 45 minute sessions are ideal, offered for a minimum of 4 weeks. This can be altered to suit your needs.

*Group sessions work best with 8 to 15 members.

More health  and allied health professionals are adding Laughter Yoga to their own toolkit of techniques. As psychologist Gail said after completing the laughter leader training with Heather Joy:

I found this training to be so helpful and validating for demonstrating the value and evidence of laughter for wellbeing and health.

This workshop has equipped me both with the knowledge and materials to lead a laughter yoga group and importantly the confidence and experience to do it.


Contact Heather Joy on 0412 742 593 or use the Contact Form to find out more.