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Regional Wellbeing

Ideal for local councils, community groups and businesses.

Mental Health Rural Australia

The Happydemic’s laughter yoga sessions have helped hundreds of residents to build resilience and improve their well-being throughout regional Queensland.

The perfect antidote for communities under stress, laughter yoga blends playful exercises that simulate laughter with gentle stretches and deep yoga breaths.

You don’t need to have anything funny to laugh about. You don’t need to be in the mood to laugh. All ages and abilities can do laughter yoga.

Listen as The Happydemic’s Heather Joy explains laughter yoga to ABC Radio Rockhampton.

The Happydemic regional wellbeing services include:
  • Public talks
  • Conference/field day presentations
  • Laughter wellbeing workshops
  • Laughter leader training for sustained continued laughter sessions in the community.
A group of women of all ages standing together one behind the other in a circle with inner hands connected by thumbs and outer hand held up

For further information, pricing and bookings please call The Happydemic’s Heather Joy Campbell on 0412 742 593 or email