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New laughter yoga club at North Lakes

There’s a new place to go for guaranteed belly laughter in the Moreton Bay region: North Lakes Library.

I remember a time when libraries were places in which you had to be Q-U-I-E-T.

Wall art at North Lakes Library 10 The Corso, suggests libraries are a place in which to connect, be social, relax, escape — and read!

I still feel the heat of my blush when I think of the librarian at the old State Library in William Street, Brisbane, admonishing the noisy footfall of my teenage self as I scurried to find a study hole ahead of my Senior exams.

Over the years, libraries have evolved to be so much more than places in which to study or read.

I love that I can go along to my library to attend public talks, meditation sessions and movie nights; that it’s a cuppa and chat destination as well as a place to satisfy my voracious appetite for reading. For me, libraries are a blend of adventure, escapism and knowledge, held together by a community heart.

And now North Lakes Library, north of Brisbane, is about to add laughter wellbeing to its many service attributes.

North Lakes Library home to laughter club

From 19 May 2022, and on the first and third Thursdays of the month through to year’s end, North Lakes Library will be home to a laughter club.

North Lakes Laughter Club will commence promptly at 6pm on the first and third Thursdays of the month, and last for 30 minutes.

Now don’t get confused. The sit-down comedy club has not relocated to North Lakes library!

Laughter clubs can be found in more than 100 nations – from India to the United Kingdom, from Singapore to Canada.

How a laughter club is different to a comedy club

Laughter clubs are quite different to comedy clubs.

Laughter clubs don’t rely on humour or punchlines or comedy to elicit a chortle. There’s no swearing either!

And the laughter that we do in laughter yoga is more than a momentary titter or a short guffaw.

What’s involved in laughter yoga

In the process of a laughter yoga session, you’ll find yourself belly laughing for 20 minutes or so. That’s quite a work-out!

It starts with a few gentle movements, some clapping and a giggle. With willingness, we continue to move and laugh and find our laughter flows.

If it doesn’t become the real deal, don’t worry: the brain won’t know the difference as long as you’ve joined in willingly; you’ll still feel all the better for it.

There’s clapping, chanting, laughter, gentle stretches, playful movement and deep yoga breaths.

There’s no need to get down on the floor (unless you choose to lie down for the grounding meditation at the end of the session).

Laughter yoga really is for all abilities and ages.

Being inside, is a bonus: our laughter club is not weather-dependent. We can do laughter yoga in air conditioned comfort.

Why go to a laughter club

When you do laughter yoga regularly at a laughter club, you can reap physical, emotional and social benefits. Among them:

  • reduce stress
  • banish blues
  • allay anxiety
  • meet new friends
  • boost heart health and immune system.

You can read more about laughter yoga health benefits here.


Come and try: North Lakes Laughter Club will commence promptly at 6pm on the first and third Thursdays of the month, and last for 30 minutes.

I am grateful to North Lakes Library for trialing the laughter club as a free community initiative to encourage greater connection and wellbeing in our Moreton Bay community.



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