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Seeds sown for Laughter Yoga growth in Rockhampton

Something very special—historic, even—has taken place in the central Queensland regional city of Rockhampton.

Four residents wishing more joyfulness and laughter in their lives and that of their community have become the first locally-trained graduates of Dr Madan Kataria’s Certified Laughter Yoga Leader training.

While Laughter Yoga Leader training typically is run in the capital cities, The Happydemic made an unprecedented move, taking the two-day training program 640 kilometres north of Queensland’s capital city, Brisbane, to the campus of Central Queensland University.

Meet the graduates—Cheryl,  Kayleen, Glenda and Kris—believers in the adage that ‘laughter is good medicine’, and all keen to share their new skills to make their lives and those around them more joyful.


I’ve come to know the way to Rockhampton quite well in recent months, delivering workshops, conference presentations and public laughter sessions and am very excited to think that social laughter clubs—the heart and soul of the Laughter Yoga movement, run by trained volunteers—may soon bloom in regional Queensland.

How did the new laughter yoga leaders describe their training experience?

Very practical, easy to follow and remember.

A very dynamic teacher.

I look forward to using these skills in my personal life, work life and laughter clubs.

You taught the class so wonderfully and encouraged and supported us when we needed it.


Looking ahead, The Happydemic will be ‘going regional’ again in 2017 because I fervently believe regional Queenslanders deserve to have training opportunities brought to them whenever possible. That’s really at the core of The Happydemic mission to spread wellbeing through laughter, seriously.

Could YOUR region benefit from Laughter Yoga Leader training?  Perhaps your organisation could benefit from training up laughter yoga leaders in your workplace? Download this brochure on laughter yoga leader training, then let’s talk!

For more information about Laughter Yoga Leader training, contact Heather Joy from The Happydemic.

(c) 2016 Heather Joy aka Heather Grant-Campbell