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5 fabulous reasons to laugh

Why do I believe in laughter yoga? Let me count 5 ways.

1. It definitely has something to do with seeking immediate gratification: it is the one exercise regimen I’ve pursued and seen and felt the benefits immediately (I am still waiting for those tummy crunches to turn my abs into slabs of muscle!).

2. I admit I enjoy that natural rush of feel-good hormones, creating a positive state of mind that jettisons me into another week of headlines and deadlines.

3. Dearly Beloved says I look ‘radiant’ after a session. That’s the boost to circulation that’s achieved. Laughter causes, what Dr Madan Kataria refers to as, ‘internal jogging’ that massages and promotes circulation to the digestive and lymphatic systems.

4. It could be the sense of connection that’s achieved when eyes lock around the exercise circle and you realise you are not alone.

5. It most definitely is because for that time laughing, I’m right here, right now and it’s a wonderful state to be in.

(c) Heather Grant-Campbell aka Heather Joy