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Laughter yoga leader training: why it’s in demand

A circle of people, standing close, hands clasped together in the centre

In the next few weeks, I’m running two laughter yoga leader training workshops: one in the central Queensland city of Rockhampton (a first!) followed by my last for 2016 in Brisbane in November.

And I’ve been asked ‘who does this thing?’

My honest answer is ‘anyone’. Just take a look at the group with whom I did my advanced (teacher) training in Bangalore, India, under the tutelage of founder Dr Madan Kataria.

Laughter yoga enthusiasts come from all places, all disciplines.

Laughter yoga enthusiasts come from all places, all disciplines.

Some were experienced in the ‘laughter yoga community’  like Makarand Tilloo, an amazing soul from Pune, India, who coordinates 132 laughter clubs in his city (and that’s not his day job!) or the phenomenal Yvonne Looi whose mission is to turn her home, Singapore, into a nation of joy.

Some were there for professional development, exploring ways that laughter could enhance or add to the delivery of the service they provided clients, patients, customers and colleagues. There was a Malaysian medical practitioner and a teacher from Costa Rica; social workers from the US and Middle East; HRs wanting to better support fly-in fly-out oil and gas workers.

There were yoga professionals wanting to add to their repertoire. There was a medical clown; a professional comedian or two were there as well.

And there were those simply wanting to laugh more, feel joy again and manage stress, anxiety and depression better.

I’ve seen such diversity replicated time and again in laughter leader training here in Australia. For me personally, laughter yoga leader training has helped me cope with stress, grief and some very dark days. It enabled me to volunteer at a laughter club (volunteering has always been an important source of nourishment for me and I firmly believe in growing the community-based volunteer-led laughter clubs). And it opened up a new career pathway.

Now as a certified laughter yoga teacher, I feel privileged to be able to spread wellbeing through laughter.

Consider enrolling NOW—whether for professional development or something personal—in the laughter yoga leader workshops.  Bookings are essential for the small group workshops delivering Laughter Yoga International’s certified program. Full details and booking for Rockhampton or Brisbane are through Eventbrite.

(c) Heather Joy aka Heather Grant-Campbell 2016

First published in July 2016 as ‘Laughter yoga leaders: why become one?’